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In "Accumulation," hundreds of press-molded buildings are stacked to create a dynamic installation that suggests both a formal city layout and a chaotic children’s playhouse. The piece begs the question, “How do we build the world around us?” Each ceramic house, apartment, and skyscraper is unique in color and form - yet that distinction is lost in the sheer quantity of buildings making up the "city." A small green building hidden in the middle of the installation presents the possibility of individuality within a culture that is both diverse and repetitive, exciting and potentially overwhelming.

Each building feels like a toy - in an ideal installation, I would build part of the city, stack most of the houses on shelves or on the ground next to the installation space, and invite viewers to finish the piece. I would document the entire event, quietly noticing how viewers arrange buildings based on shape and color: would the buildings be close together or far apart? Arranged in a neat line, clustered together, or stacked up like a pyramid? Through play and interaction, we can begin to see how humans visualize space and define individuality: the piece is part fine art, part psychology experiment, and part social survey.